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An air freshener device (200) has a cartridge (100). The cartridge (100) has a housing (101) having a tray (102). A first fragrance (105) is in a first cavity (103) and a second fragrance (106) is in a second cavity (104). A fragrance diffuser (130) is operatively connected to the tray (102) and pos ...

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Methods of warewashing utilizing a solid rinse aid, and the solid rinse aid which comprises a surfactant and urea, and preferably a dispensing rate adjusting additive, are disclosed.

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The invention relates to rinse aid compositions useful in warewashing, that provide sanitizing properties and stain control. The rinse aids of the invention provide a highly active available chlorine source which is incorporated into solid systems containing sheeting agents. The chlorine source is s ...

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A solid cast warewashing composition is produced for use in automatic washing machines at low temperatures. A liquid detergent composition is cast into a mold where it is allowed to solidify. The solid cast detergent, surrounded on all but its upper surface by the mold, is used in automatic washing ...

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There is disclosed a carpet cleaning concentrate particularly suitable for use in connection with carpet steam cleaning machines which comprises 75 to 95% by weight sodium tripolyphosphate with minor amounts of sodium metasilicate pentahydrate, a low foaming nonionic surfactant and, generally, some ...

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A method for automatically washing eggs by (a) dispensing a detergent-wetting agent mixture having a detergent concentration onto the eggs; (b) determining if the detergent concentration is at least a pre-set minimum, and going to step (a) if it is; (c) activating a detergent pump pumping at a rate; ...

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An apparatus and method for automatically washing eggs, includes: a source of detergent; a source of wetting agent; a detergent pump connected to the source of detergent; a detergent concentration-sensing mechanism; a wetting agent pump connected to the source of wetting agent and to the detergent c ...