Stephan R Bornslaeger: Nonwoven laminate for recreation fabric. Kimberly Clark Corporation, William D Herrick, Wendell Fredericks, Howard Olevsky, February 22, 1983: US04374888 (273 worldwide citation)

Laminate of nonwoven fabric having unique properties suitable especially for use as a recreational fabric in the manufacture of tents, outer garments, tarpaulins and the like. The laminate includes, as essential components, an outer spunbonded layer treated for resistance to ultraviolet radiation an ...

Billie J Matthews, John P Allison, Paul S Woon, Robert A Stevens, Stephan R Bornslaeger: Sanitary napkin with improved comfort. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Howard Olevsky, R Jonathan Peters, Gregory E Croft, August 9, 1983: US04397644 (181 worldwide citation)

A sanitary napkin is provided which is capable of transmitting viscous menstrual fluid into the absorbent portion of the napkin without cover runoff. The napkin has a fluid permeable cover which is integrated with a portion of the absorbent matrix. This portion of the absorbent matrix is also design ...