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An absorbable bone screw and plate system with self-locking properties. The absorbable bone screw comprises a threaded shaft portion 1 for insertion into bone and a head portion 3 for rigid connection in the screw hole 13 of a bone plate 20, the diameter of said head portion 3 increasing in the dire ...

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A sighting instrument, particularly for surgical purposes, comprising a handle, a tool socket and a direction finder which may be held between a radiation source and a radiation receiver, the position of which can be represented visibly by means of an image converter, allowing continuous adjustment ...

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The surgical prosthetic device according to the present invention is adapted for placement between two adjoining vertebrae for total or partial replacement of the disk from therebetween. The device has two plates with interior surfaces facing each other and being held at a distance by connecting mea ...

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The device is implantable in the living body for attachment and augmentation of tendons and/or reinforcement of bones. It comprises a substantially flat membrane having a rounded outer shape and at least two perforations. The membrane contains resorbable or degradable polymeric and/or polymeric-cera ...

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An osteosynthetic pressure plate having several holes for bone screws positioned along its longitudinal axis and having an underside with curved recesses, designed for positioning on the bone so that immediately upon implantation there are spaces between the bone and the pressure plate.

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The resorbable fixation device is useful for treating torn bodily material in vivo. It has a tip, a head, and a cylindrically shaped shaft portion lying between the tip and the head. The shaft portion has at least one retention element protruding radially therefrom to facilitate insertion of said sh ...

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A bone regeneration membrane containing resorbable or degradable, polymeric and/or polymeric-ceramic material with a glass transition temperature in the range of -30.degree. to +200.degree. C.

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Implant for bone surgery and for dental therapeutics, comprising an alloy containing defined critical amounts of titanium and/or zirconium, and other selected elements including niobium, tantalum, chromium, molybdenum and aluminum. Dissolved gases may also be included. The alloy is free from copper, ...

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A drill guide for drilling screw holes in bone fragments that are to be stabilized by means of a device composed of a compression plate and round-headed screws, the drill guide having a hollow outer cylinder and hollow inner cylinder, positioned so that the hollow inner cylinder can be slid axially ...

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A device for the reconstruction of the orbit of the skull is described. The device is produced from biocompatible polymeric preferably from resorbable polymers having a shape of nonporous and/or microporous plates, membranes or films. The device is preshaped into a three-dimensional element to fit i ...