Stefani Giannico: Microprogrammed control apparatus for dot matrix serial printer.. Honeywell Inf Systems, February 13, 1985: EP0132576-A2 (2 worldwide citation)

Microprogrammed control apparatus for dot matrix serial printer and related printing method which allows to increase virtually the horizontal resolution of the printing matrix and therefore the printing quality consistently with the restriction that no printing element can be actuated before a previ ...

Collina Giancarlo, Stefani Giannico: Methode de realisation dimprimes de qualite superieure, High quality printing method. Honeywell Information Systems Italia, RIDOUT & MAYBEE, March 29, 1988: CA1234508

Abstract High quality printing method, by means of a matrix serial printer, comprising a printing head provided with needles arranged in a vertical column. The method consists in print-ing a printing line through two printing passes and in advancing the platen, between the first and the second pass, ...