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Optical components have a material-distribution gradient due to nanometer-size particles embedded in a solid matrix. The components are manufactured by forming a dispersion of nanometer-size particles in a liquid, curable matrix material, causing the particles to migrate in the matrix material on th ...

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Suspensions and powders based on indium tin oxide are prepared by a method in which indium tin oxide precursors are precipitated from solutions in one or more solvents in the presence of one or more surface-modifying components, the solvent(s) are removed from the precipitate, which is then calcined ...

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The present invention provides a coating composition which comprises at least one silicon compound (A) which has at least one radical which is bonded directly to Si, is not able to be separated hydrolytically and contains an epoxy group, a particulate material (B) which is selected from among oxides ...


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A method is described for producing a microstructured surface relief by applying to a substrate a coating composition which is thixotropic or which acquires thixotropic properties by pretreatment on the substrate, embossing the surface relief into the applied thixotropic coating composition with an ...

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Domestic appliances are provided with a catalytic deodorizing coating, prepared by applying a coating material containing a polycondensate of at least one hydrolysable organosilane, optionally one or more compounds of glass-forming elements, and particles of one or more catalytically active transiti ...

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A composition for producing a protective coat against scaling on metallic surfaces. The composition includes, as binders, hydrolysates/condensates of at least one silane or a silicone resin binder and also, further, at least one metallic filler.

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What is described is a method for producing a thermally shaped substrate coated with a sol-gel coating material, in which the sol-gel coating material comprises one or more hydrolyzable silanes, which may have been hydrolyzed to form a precondensate, and, if desired, a crosslinking agent, at least s ...

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This invention relates to a catalytic composition which comprises a coating of a coating material on a support and is obtainable by applying the coating material, comprising (1) a polycondensate of at least one hydrolysable organosilane and also, if desired, one or more compounds of glass-forming el ...