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In a discharge apparatus (1) on a basic body (8) is provided a pneumatic pump (19) and axially adjacent thereto a casing chamber (14) for receiving a magazine (15) for individual doses of a pulverulent or similar medium, whose magazine chamber (30) can be transferred into a discharge position, in wh ...

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A discharge apparatus for flowable media, comprising: a basic body, at least partly receiving a pump unit; the pump unit having a pump chamber connectable to a discharge opening via a discharge channel; a pump cylinder and a pump piston bounding the pump chamber; the pump cylinder forming a medium r ...

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The invention relates to a discharge apparatus for media. Corresponding media discharge apparatuses are e.g. generally known in the form of pump atomizers.

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In a dispenser, particularly an atomizer, which is used for flowable substances, particularly pharmaceuticals, use is made of a pump, which must be actuated one or more times for priming purposes. Its discharge nozzle (

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In order to enable application of a dry i.e. powdery or granulated active substance, said substance is kept apart from a liquid supply in a dispenser. The powder is discharged with the help of said liquid during application. The liquid serves as a carrier for the active substance and is mixed with t ...

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A discharge unit (1) contains two separate delivery units (15) to be actuated in common through which the medium flows along a module (35) separate from two base bodies (4,5) to two atomizer nozzles (48) so that due to their spray cones overlapping each other the two separately emerging media are in ...

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A discharge apparatus (1a) has at least one slide (7a) with a bearing and/or contact surfaces (17a, 21a or 31a, 35a) engaging in pretensioned manner in at least one working position, in which for at least one of the surfaces is provided a device (20, 20'), with which it is possible to vary the compr ...