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A biologically active protein which is bonded to a water-insoluble porous copolymer based on N-vinylimidazole and/or substituted N-vinylimidazoles and monomers which can be copolymerized therewith, its preparation and its use for carrying out enzymatic reactions.

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A macroporous, hydrophilic enzyme carrier comprises a sulfonated polymer, charged with polyethyleneimine, of from 10 to 100% by weight of divinylbenzene, from 0 to 90% by weight of styrene and from 0 to 20% by weight of a copolymerizable monomer, the polyethyleneimine being neither crosslinked nor c ...

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A description is given of a genertic engineering process for the preparation of mesophilic microorganisms which contain a hydantoinase active at elevated temperature, and of DNA sequences which code for this enzyme.


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An insoluble biocatalyst is prepared by forming a mixture consisting essentially of the biocatalyst, one or more water-soluble compounds having two or more acrylamide or meth-acrylamido groups and one or more water soluble amines possessing two or more hydrogen atoms bonded to an amine nitrogen, and ...

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A process for the preparation of D-carbamyl-.alpha.-aminoacids of the formula ##STR1## where R has the meanings given in the description, by enzymatic cleavage of the corresponding hydantoins by means of thermophilic, non-sporulating hydantoin-cleaving micro-organisms or of extracts therefrom.