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A home screen user interface permits a user to select an application icon to trigger a quick preview of event data maintained by the associated application. The home screen presents a background and a predetermined number of application icons arranged on the home screen to enable viewing of a majori ...

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A device, which may have a touchscreen display, and methods for its operation are provided using a graphical user interface and an overlay user input interface such as a virtual keyboard. The graphical user interface may include one or more user interface elements displayed in a first region of the ...

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Embodiments relate generally to mobile devices comprising a processor (102), a display (110) responsive to the processor, a plurality of wireless communication subsystems responsive to the processor and a memory (108). The memory stores program code executable by the processor for executing a connec ...

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The described embodiments relate generally to methods, systems and devices for accessing an icon on a display by shifting emphasis from one icon list to another icon list on the display. The icon may be a user profile application icon that can be used to access a user profile application.

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Embodiments relate to a mobile device comprising: a processor; a display responsive to the processor; a plurality of wireless communication subsystems responsive to the processor; and a memory. The memory is accessible to the processor and stores program code executable by the processor for executin ...


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A method for temporarily modifying a user profile includes maintaining a first user profile setting, receiving a second user profile setting associated with a period of time, and utilizing the second user profile setting during the period of time, otherwise utilizing the first user profile setting.

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A method includes displaying a selectable feature on a display of an electronic device, detecting a touch on a touch-sensitive input device, wherein the touch is associated with the selectable feature, and displaying a preview of information from an application associated with the selectable feature ...

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[en] A mobile electronic device and an associated method provide for the outputting on a touch sensitive display or other display a content page plus an activity bar having one or more shortcut objects that relate to the subject matter of the content page. As different content pages are output, corr ...