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A method of connecting pipes in a fluid-tight end-to-end relationship and a universal pipe coupler that maintain the pipe ends proximate one another as the coupler simultaneously aligns the ends of the pipes and draws the pipes into a fluid tight sealing relationship with the universal pipe coupler ...

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A pneumatic conveyor tube booster valve constructed from an annular tapered rubber sleeve in line with the tube and a sealed pressurized housing surrounding the sleeve portion of the tube. Pressurized gas introduced into the housing escapes past the rubber sleeve when the tube pressure drops below t ...

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An offshore-drilling structure capable of being floated for movement to a drilling site and then being semisubmerged or submerged for drilling has a hull, a working platform, fixed vertically elongated stabilizing members extending between the hull and the working platform, and movable vertically el ...

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Setting the driving signal of a phase modulator in the sensing loop of a fiber optic gyroscope to zero for a period of time tau equal to the transit time of the light waves through the gyro causes the gyro to assume a known zero reference state. In this zero reference state the counterpropagating li ...

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A pneumatic conveyor tube switch operable for diverting abrasive, bulky materials from a pneumatic conveying line to a position remote from the conveying line.


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A rotary fluid device includes a rotor mounted eccentrically within an annular race of a housing by a stator having fluid ports. A plurality of radial pistons circumferentially spaced about the rotor have spherical portions at their outer ends and define radial fluid passages that communicate with t ...

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A body construction wherein vehicle structural, fresh air ventilation, heating, and side window defrosting are performed by a single element. In particular, a side guard beam rigidly disposed on the door of the vehicle defines a closed conduit. Fresh air intake louvers on a rear frame portion of a w ...

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A manifold for pressurized air is located at the bottom of a container for granular materials and is in communication with the interior of the container through openings in the manifold. Each of the openings has an associated air-operated poppet valve for opening and closing the openings to control ...