SALOMONS OTTO W, STAPPERS FRANCISCUS H M, GROOTHUIJSE RONALD, MARKIES PETER R: [fr] Support dimpression réutilisable et procédé de fabrication associé, [de] Wiederverwendbares Druckmedium und Herstellungsverfahren dafür, [en] Reusable print medium and method of manufacturing thereof. OCE TECH, May 29, 2013: EP2596960-A2

[en] The present invention relates to a reusable print medium (200) comprising a substrate (201) and a sacrificial layer (202). The sacrificial layer contains a hotmelt composition at least comprising an amorphous material. The amorphous material is a resin being a reaction product of a first monome ...


Stappers Franciscus H M, Wetjens Peter M A, Ogrinc Hendrik J A, Vercoulen Gerardus C: Radiation curable ink composition. Oce Tech, lin yibin li jin, July 18, 2012: CN201080051826

The invention relates to a radiation curable ink composition, that shows improved adhesion towards rigid recording media, shows good jetting behaviour and provides no or minimal health and safety risks. The radiation curable ink according to the present invention has a viscosity of 30 mPa.s, or less ...