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A steam injection system including a steam deflector connectable into a tubing string which steam deflector provides for selectively passing steam through the tubing string to the bottom thereof or diverting steam from inside the tubing string out into the wall liner-tubing annulus and in a directio ...

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A system for the formation of a bore hole, particularly for use in enhancing the recovery of oil from an oil bearing underground formation using an assembly including a piston sliding in a guide tube. The forward end of the piston body terminates in a drillhead including multiple ports for passing d ...

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An insulated concentric tubing well element having an inner tubing and an outer tubing with a substantially solid insulating material in the annulus between the inner and outer tubing. A bonding material fills the voids in the annulus and the surface of the solid insulating material. The bonding mat ...

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Low heat conductive frangible centralizers are provided for use in a tubing string in a well and include a central tubular section connectable into the tubing string and having a plurality of radially extending polymerized furfuryl alcohol impregnated cordierite lugs in spaced apart position on the ...

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Method and apparatus for directionally applying high pressure jets to well liners to clean openings which are plugged with foreign matter. High velocity jets of liquid having a velocity in excess of 700 feet per second are jetted from jet orifices having a standoff distance between five and 10 diame ...

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A field dressable inflatable packer which includes a resilient inflatable sleeve formed of a rubber tube having a plurality of spaced-apart cord members extending longitudinally over the entire length of the tube and clamp means for disconnectably connecting the resilient sleeve in operable position ...

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A packer cup assembly useful on tubing at high temperatures and includes a special sealing element having a frangible back up portion to provide pack off in a well.

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A method is disclosed for altering the permeability of a gravity override path through a subsurface earth formation resulting from hot fluid (steam) injection into the subsurface formation. The method includes adding selected sized particulate material to a foam and injecting the foam into the gravi ...