White Kenneth B, Richmond James M, Stanley Keith D: Composes dammonium quaternaire et methode de preparation, Quaternary ammonium compounds and method for their manufacture. Akzona Incorporated, OGILVY RENAULT SENCRLSRL, September 22, 1987: CA1227217

QUATERNARY AMMONIUM COMPOUNDS AND METHOD FOR THEIR MANUFACTURE Abstract of the Disclosure Quaternary ammonium compounds having the generalformula: -IMAGE-wherein m is either 0, 1, 2, or 3; each R5 may be the sameor different and are selected from the groups includingstraight- or branched-chain alkyl ...

Stanley Keith R, Winchell David F: Controleur dinstallation interactive, Interactive facility control arrangement. American Telephone And Telegraph Company, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, April 11, 1989: CA1252547

- 38 - INTERACTIVE FACILITY CONTROL MANAGEMENT Abstract A communication network is disclosed having acustomer interactive special service facility, such as aconference arrangement. At the customer's request, or iftrouble is encountered, an operator position is alertedwith the identity of the special ...

Stanley Keith R, Winchell David F: Rendez-vous telephonique a fonctions de controle, Meet-me conference with control capabilities. American Telephone And Telegraph Company, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, April 11, 1989: CA1252548

- 25 - MEET-ME CONFERENCE WITH CONTROL CAPABILITIES Abstract A communication network having a meet-meconference bridge is disclosed. The conference isaccessed by each conferee dialing a code assigned to thebridge. A conference host is given a special code whichaccesses the same bridge but identifies ...

Stanley Keith D: Augmentation du rendement et acceleration de la preparation des borates dammonium quaternaire ethoxyles, grace a lethyleneglycol, Rate and yield enhancement in the preparation of ethoxylated quaternary ammonium borates using ethylene glycol. Akzona Incorporated, OGILVY RENAULT SENCRLSRL, July 15, 1986: CA1207794

RATE AND YIELD ENHANCEMENT IN THE PREPARATION OF ETHOXYLATEDQUATERNARY AMMONIUM BORATES USING ETHYLENE GLYCOL ABSTRACT This disclosure relates to a method for producing aclass of quaternary ammonium borate compounds, and moreparticularly, to an improved method for producing quaternaryammonium borate ...

Stanley Keith: Methods for the amplification, quantitation and identification of nucleic acids. Corbett Life Science, liuxiao dong pengkun peng, October 1, 2008: CN200680036534

The invention relates to improved methods of amplifying and optionally quantifying and/or identifying a plurality of selected nucleic acid molecules from a pool of nucleic acid molecules. A first round of multiplex amplification used where the amplification reaction is allowed to proceed to a point ...