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This invention provides the use as or for the preparation of a foodstuffs material of a granular starch hydrolysate which in aqueous dispersion is organoleptically fat-like, and which may be used as an at least partial substitute for fats and/or oils.

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Apparatus is provided for reproducing programmed selections of blocks of data recorded in coded form in a plurality of separate tracks on a magnetic card, the selection being made in accordance with a program of instructions recorded in separate blocks on the same or a further magnetic card. The app ...

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This invention relates to a battery cell housing for valve-regulated, lead-acid batteries. The housing includes a base (102), vertical side walls (104) attached to the base, and a top wall (108), defining a single, shelfless battery compartment (110). A compression member (175) is positioned in the ...

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A work arm linkage assembly for connecting a work tool 18 to a frame 16 of a work machine comprises a lift arm 20, of the box-boom type (Figure 9), having a forked first end (Figure 7) coupled to the frame and a second end coupled to the implement, a lift cylinder 250 coupled to the frame and the li ...

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The invention relates to improved methods of amplifying and optionally quantifying and/or identifying a plurality of selected nucleic acid molecules from a pool of nucleic acid molecules. A first round of multiplex amplification used where the amplification reaction is allowed to proceed to a point ...

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The wheeled cargo container for a pickup or other similar vehicle is a cargo box that will swing out to facilitate the loading of cargo. The design allows the weight of the box and the cargo placed into it to be carried by the shoulder of the hinge bracket and the wheel or wheels. The weight therefo ...

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804,211. Weighing apparatus. BRITISH IRON & STEEL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION: Jan. 21, 1955 [Jan. 21, 1954], No. 1829/54. Class 143 [Also in Group XXIX] Apparatus for indicating the rate of mass flow of powder or other divided solid material comprises, as shown, a plate 14 on which the material falls at 1 ...

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Generalized Processor Sharing (GPS) is a scheduling discipline which provides minimum service guarantees as well as fair resource sharing. The performance of GPS is governed by the scheduling weights associated with individual connections. The system discloses methods for GPS scheduling that handle ...


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The present invention provides apparatus (1) for conducting sequential nucleic acid amplification reactions. The apparatus (1) comprises a platform (2) having a sample compartment (5) and a plurality of reaction compartments (10). The sample compartment (5) is adapted to receive a fluid sample for c ...