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The present invention is directed to a method for a creating an active document that encapsulates a transaction and the transaction's current status. The active document includes a first set of data fields, where the data fields represent attributes of a parent transaction and include a sub-identifi ...

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A process for removing sulfur from a H2S-containing gas stream is disclosed. A preferred embodiment of the process comprises incorporating a short contact time catalytic partial oxidation reactor, a cooling zone, and a condenser into a conventional refinery or gas plant process, such as a natural ga ...

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A method, system and catalysts for improving the yield of syngas from the catalytic partial oxidation of methane or other light hydrocarbons is disclosed. The increase in yield and selectivity for CO and H



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A compact sulfur recovery system is disclosed which comprises a primary structure including a catalytic partial oxidation reaction zone, a first temperature-control zone, a first Claus catalytic reaction zone, a second temperature-control zone, a first liquid sulfur outlet, and a first effluent gas ...

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A method is disclosed for converting light alkanes (e.g. methane or natural gas) to synthesis gas employing a stabilized Ni-based catalyst that is active for catalyzing the net partial oxidation of the hydrocarbon, in the presence of O2 to CO and H2. Certain preferred catalysts comprise Ni alloyed w ...

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The invention relates to a reactor comprising two reaction zones and processes for the production of alkenes from alkanes. A first reaction zone includes a combustion catalyst, and a second reaction zone comprises a heating zone in thermal contact with the first reaction zone. One process comprises ...

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A method and apparatus for converting a hydrocarbon and oxygen containing gas feed stream to a product stream, such as syngas, including catalytically partially oxidizing the hydrocarbon feed stream over a catalyst bed. The catalyst bed has a downstream section which is less resistant to flow than t ...

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A method is disclosed for converting light hydrocarbons (e.g. methane or natural gas) to synthesis gas employing a nonmicroporous, thin shell catalyst that catalyzes a net partial oxidation reaction. Certain preferred catalysts comprise a thin outer layer comprising at least one catalytically active ...