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An electrical cable for a portable computer includes a plurality of electrical leads bound together in a flexible sheath. A first snap connector is joined to the leads. A second snap connector is complementary to the first snap connector and is connected thereto for establishing electrical connectio ...

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A method of controlling an environmental condition within a building space having a plurality of devices sensitive to an environmental condition. The method includes the steps of: (a) sensing an environmental condition with plurality of monitors, each monitor having (i) a sensor to detect the enviro ...

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A system for mounting a hard disk enclosure (HDE), includes a casing pivotably mounted to minimize at least one of settle-out dynamics, external rotational vibration, and emitted vibration, the casing allowing the HDE to rotate substantially freely, wherein the center of gravity of the HDE is substa ...

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Embodiments of the present invention pertain to an apparatus for a shock absorber that allows a disk drive to move with respect to the chassis of a computer system. In one embodiment, the disk drive shock absorber includes an assembly joint and a flexure. The flexure is capable of being coupled to t ...

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A method (and system) of predicting a thermal state of a transient thermal system, includes combining sensor outputs and thermal parameters to construct a consistent set of estimates of internal temperature of a transient thermal system.

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An electronic package includes a die including a thermal interface material through which a primary heat flux path is enabled for conducting heat from the die, an organic substrate, and a thermal interposer provided between the organic substrate and the die, the thermal interposer having an area ext ...

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A cooling apparatus for cooling a heat source such as a microprocessor, comprising a mobile heat sink placed in close proximity to the heat source; and a thermal conductor for conducting heat generated by the heat source to the mobile heat sink.

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A method of fabricating a substrate via structure in a substrate/chip assembly includes steps of: disposing a center via stack for electrical interconnects in the substrate/chip assembly; and providing a plurality of stacked vias surrounding the center via stack. The plurality of stacked vias encirc ...

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Disclosed is an integrated active heat spreader and exchanger. The heat spreader cum exchanger includes a housing with a conductive heat spreader therein. A spreader plate of the heat spreader is in thermal contact with a microprocessor chip to be cooled and a plurality of spreader fins extending fr ...

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A heat spreader attached to a heat source that includes a semiconductor chip includes a silicon structure that provides a plurality of heat flux paths, including a lateral, in-plane heat flux path. The heat spreader is mounted in-plane with the heat source.