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An alkaline earth metal titanate is prepared by reacting an aqueous solution of titanium tetrachloride, an alkaline earth metal anion source, and a hydroxyl ion source to produce an alkaline earth metal titanate precipitate which is separated from the residual aqueous solution.


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A ceramic body is prepared by heating a ceramic material between the lowest temperature at which sufficient deformation occurs in order to achieve the desired density and 2000 DEG C, applying to the ceramic material a pressure between 50,000 to 350,000 psi (350 to 2400 MPa), at a pressing time prefe ...

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389488 Abstract of the Disclosure An uncoated ceramic anode comprisingtitanium having a formal valence of +4; titaniumhaving a formal valence of +3; and a dopant whichprevents at least a portion of the titanium +3 fromconverting to titanium +4 when the ceramic anode isat operating cell conditions. T ...