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A bleaching composition comprises a peroxide and an amphoteric organic per acid precursor. In particular the amphoteric organic per acid precursor is a quaternary ammonium salt has the following formula in which Z is sulfonate or carboxylate and is a new compound. a

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An N-substituted amine is produced by reacting an alcohol or aldehyde with ammonia, a primary amine or a secondary amine in the presence of a catalyst comprising: (a) (1) copper, (2) a metal selected from the group consisting of chromium, manganese, iron and zinc and (3) a metal of the platinum VIII ...

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A detergent composition comprising as a main detergent active ingredient a secondary amidoamino acid or its salts of the following general formula (I): in which R1 represents an alkyl group, a hydroxyalkyl group, an aralkyl group or an alkenyl group each having from 7 to 23 carbon atoms, and X repre ...

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The present invention provides a liquid softener composition which is applicable to a rinsing bath for the washing and can impart excellent softness to cloth without making the cloth greasy to the touch. A liquid softener composition which comprises a mixture comprising an adduct of glycerol with an ...

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The polycationic compound having the formula (I) is useful for an organic peracid precursor. A bleach composition comprises the polycationic compouond and a peroxide. in which X is a cation, y is an alkylene, Z is a specific group containing carbonyl group and A is an anionic group.

Sotoya Kohshiro, Aoyagi Muneo, Ogura Nobuyuki, Kaneko Youhei: Bleaching composition.. Kao, December 19, 1990: EP0403152-A2 (9 worldwide citation)

A bleaching composition comprises (a) hydrogen or a peroxide to produce hydrogen peroxide in its aqueous solution and (b) an organic peracid precursor having the formula (I) in which a quaternary ammonium is connected with an alkyl through an ether, an amide or an ester. c

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An agricultural chemical composition comprising an agricultural chemical and an effective amount for enhancing the effectiveness of the agricultural chemical of an enhancer compound selected from the group consisting of ammonium compounds represented by the following general formulae (I) to (III): w ...

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A softener composition comprising a quaternary ammonium salt having two hydrocarbon radicals having 12-22 carbon atoms and one unsaturated bond; the stereoisomeric structure of the above salt includes both the cis-isomer and the trans-isomer with the cis-isomer/trans-isomer ratio being in the range ...

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A method for enhancing the effectiveness of an agricultural chemical which comprises incorporating a specific enhancer into a diluted solution of the agricultural chemical. The specific enhancer is a quaternary ammonium salt or a tertiary amine or a salt thereof containing one or more carboxylic aci ...

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A process for producing an acyloxybenzenesulfonic acid or a salt thereof by sulfonating an acyloxybenzene (1) with the use of at least one additive selected from among carboxylic acids or esters (2), alkyl phosphates (3), polyphosphoric acids (4), amide and like compounds (6), carbonic ester compoun ...