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The invention discloses a preparing method of inflatable graphite with high-starting expanding temperature, which comprises the following steps: immersing natural scale graphite in the sealing agent and sulfuric acid composite liquid; adding oxidant through stirring continuously; decolouring; removi ...

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The process for preparing expansible graphite with low sulfur content includes immersing natural flaser graphite sequentially in sulfuric acid and soluble peroxydisulfate, centrifugal deacidification, putting in mixture of nitric acid and oxalic acid, washing with water, low-temp. baking until water ...


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Natural flaky graphite is soaked in mixture liquid of nitric acid and organic acid with 4 or below carbon atoms or corresponding acid anhydride and reacted by adding oxidant to produce acid graphite, which is further decolored by adding reductant, centrifugalized to deacidify and dry up to a water c ...


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The invention discloses a vertical impervious engineering quality non destructive surveying technique. Arrange two arrays of electric pole along the two sides of the impervious film with the line perpendicular to the film, the impervious film is at the middle point of the intersection. One side is p ...

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The invention discloses a preparation method of expandable graphite with a low starting expansion temperature. The method comprises the following steps: soaking natural crystalline flake graphite with nitric acid; adding a stabilizer and then fully stirring; and adding an organic mixed solution with ...