Swett James B, Smith Sidney Z: Travel tie hanger. Dart, July 13, 1971: US3592343 (45 worldwide citation)

A travel tie hanger constructed in a manner to provide a convenient and accessible means of storage for not only neckties, but also cuff links, tie tacks, belts, tie clasps and other men's clothing accessories.

Davenport Dallas N, Smith Sidney Z: Footwear article. The General Tire & Rubber Company, September 7, 1971: US3603006 (35 worldwide citation)

The conventional step-in or slide-on slipper tends to loosen and slide off the front of the foot during normal walking motion. Binding or otherwise tightly clasping the slipper to the foot defeats the general purpose of the slipper as an easily attired article of footwear. This invention is an artic ...

Swett James B, Smith Sidney Z: Storage container for celery or the like. Dart, October 17, 1972: US3698783 (17 worldwide citation)

A storage container for celery or the like comprising a container adapted to be sealed to prevent ingress or egress of moisture. The container has a support particularly adapted to position the contained vegetable above the moisture which will collect in the bottom of the container. The support also ...

McMahon Martin J, Smith Sidney Z: Disposable liquid serving system. November 30, 1971: US3624788 (13 worldwide citation)

A disposable carafe comprises a container of cellular plastic material, such as expanded polystyrene, in combination with a detachable handle of higher density, easily moldable plastic material. The container is tapered from an open top to a closed bottom such that it will nest with other similarly ...