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A memory circuit system and method are provided. In one embodiment, an interface circuit is capable of communication with a plurality of memory circuits and a system. In use, the interface circuit is operable to interface the memory circuits and the system for reducing command scheduling constraints ...

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An evaporative humidifier (10) includes a base (12) removably supporting a water tray (34) for holding a quantity of water. A blower assembly (14) and a water tank (16) are removably supported by the base (12) above the water tray (34). The blower assembly (14) includes a housing (88) and a fan (119 ...

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Large capacity memory systems (FB-DIMMs) are constructed using stacked memory integrated circuits (220) or chips (310). The stacked memory chips are constructed in such a way that eliminates problems such as signal integrity while still meeting current and future memory standards.

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A process and installation for producing liquid and, optionally, gaseous products from gaseous reactants comprises feeding gaseous reactants into a slurry bed (14) of solid particles suspended in a liquid; allowing the reactants to react as they pass upwardly through the slurry bed (14), thereby to ...

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The present disclosure generally relates to a process for synthesizing methyl ((1S)-1-(((2S)-2-(5-(4'-(2-((2S)-1-((2S)-2-((methoxycarbonyl)amino)-3-methylbutanoyl)-2-pyrrolidinyl)-1H-imidazol-5-yl)-4-biphenylyl)-1H-imidazol-2-yl)-1-pyrrolidinyl)carbonyl)-2-methylpropyl)carbamate dihydrochloride salt ...

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There is described an information display system for use in a building comprising a central controller, a plurality of individual display devices, and a control circuit linked to the building's lighting system and capable of modulating the light level in the building in accordance with signals from ...

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A photosensitive member having a binder layer comprising photoconductive particles dispersed in an electrically insulating active organic matrix material. The photoconductor comprises a material which exhibits the capability of photo-excited hole generation and injection, with the active organic mat ...


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A snubbing unit (10), used to raise or lower a collar-connected series of tubing joints through a riser spool (14) communicating with a well bore, is provided with an electromagnetic sensing system (50) operative to detect and indicate the entry into, position within and travel direction within a se ...