Andrews Robert Carl, Brown Peter Jonathan, Deaton David Norman, Drewry David Harold, Foley Michael Andrew, Garrison Deanna T, Marron Brian Edward, Smalley Terrence L, Berman Judd M, Noble Stewart Alywyn: Quinazoline antagonists of alpha 1c adrenergic receptors. Glaxo, May 29, 1996: GB2295387-A (114 worldwide citation)

wherein: R is selected from hydrogen, C1-6alkyl, C1-6cycloalkyl, hydroxy, C1-6alkoxy, -COO(C1-6alkyl), halogen, phenyl, phenylcarbonyl, substituted phenyl, pyridinyl, pyrimidinyl or pyrrolyl; n is 0 or 1; R is a C1-6alkylene chain optionally mono- or disubstituted independently with hydrogen, C1-6al ...