Ivanaev Mily Ivanovich, Vlasenko Ivan Alexeevich, Katsman Anatoly Yakovlevich, Pachuliya Budu Pavlovich, Rutkovsky Boleslav Iosifovich, Sabaldyr Vyacheslav Pavlovich, Slipchenko Pavel Stepanovich, Tonkikh Leonid Alexandrovich: Device for preparing plastic compounds and for conveying them with the aid of compressed air. Nii Str Proizv, May 1, 1968: GB1111953-A (3 worldwide citation)

1,111,953. Mixing apparatus. NAUCHNO ISSLEDOVATELSKY INSTITUT STROITELNOGO PROIZVODSTVA. 29 April, 1966, No. 18893/66. Heading B1C. [Also in Division B8] A mixer and conveyor for example for mortar, comprises a cylindrical housing 1 which terminates in a conical part 2 leading to an outlet pipe 10, ...

SLIPCHENKO PAVEL: [en] Biomass processing system. SLIPCHENKO PAVEL, April 6, 2011: GB2474097-A

[en] The system (AS - system) consists of a frame (1), camera of activation (2), classifier (3), drive shaft (4), feed upload (not shown in the figure), feed unload (5), activator (6) and channels of supply hot air and wet wood waste (not shown in the figure). The system is intended to provide (in c ...