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A process for the purification of pyrite and pyrrhotite cinders from nonferrous metals, from arsenic and from sulfur. The process is characteristic in that the reduction of the hematite to magnetite is carried out in a fluid bed by direct injection of a hydrocarbon fuel and air in deficiency, at 850 ...

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A continuous process for obtaining zinc oxide of a grade higher than 75 percent from oxidized zinciferous ores, which comprises: Preheating the zinc-containing mineral and calcining it at temperatures above 800.degree. C. (preferably at 900.degree.-1,000.degree. C.) by the combustion products of the ...

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A continuous process is disclosed for producing barium or strontium ferrites, starting from iron oxide and barium or strontium carbonates, whereinA. a slurry consisting of iron oxide, barium or strontium carbonate, water and binder, is dried and granulated, utilizing the hot gases flowing from step ...


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1,242,938. Purifying roasted iron pyrites. MONTECATINI EDISON S.p.A. 7 July, 1969 [8 July, 1968], No. 34115/69. Heading C1A. Iron pyrites cinders (haematite) is freed from arsenic and non-ferrous metals by reducing the cinders, using air and a carbonaceous fuel, at 850-950 C. with a contact time of ...



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1,205,453. Arsenic removal from iron minerals. MONTECATINI EDISON S.p.A. 18 Oct., 1967 [21 Oct., 1966], No. 47530/67. Heading C1A. Arsenic is removed from iron minerals and pyrite cinders by adding lime or limestone, heating to 800-1000 C. in an oxidizing atmosphere, separating at a particle size of ...

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1,213,089. Purifying titanium tetrachloride; sulphur. MONTECATINI EDISON S.p.A. 12 May, 1969 [10 May, 1968], No. 24036/69. Heading C1A. Vanadium compounds (e.g. VOCl 3 , VCl 4 ) which exist as impurities in titanium tetrachloride are removed therefrom by treating with hydrogen sulphide at from 130-1 ...

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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE: The present invention relates to a new class of compoundsbelonging to the anthraquinone series, having the general formula: Image (I)wherein R, R', R", R"', R'v are indifferently H or Chlorine, Bromine, -OH, -OCH3, Image , - NH - alkyl having1 to 4 carbon atoms, Image , I ...