Simpson Barbara E: Instrument veterinaire pour le soin des ruminants, Device for ruminants. Eli Lilly And Company, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, August 17, 1982: CA1129737

X-5487-II -1- Abstract of the Disclosure A device for use in a ruminant which iscomprised of a coated steel cylinder open at both ends,of sufficient specific gravity to be retained in thereticulo-rumen portion of the ruminant stomach, andhaving a retaining means therein.

Kleber John W, Simpson Barbara E: Compositions a debit reglable, activant la croissance, et methode de traitement, Growth promotant controlled release formulations and method of treatment. Eli Lilly And Company, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, February 28, 1984: CA1162781

X-4979 -1- Abstract of the DisclosureControlled release formulations comprised ofa polyether antibiotic admixed with a copolymer derivedfrom lactic acid and glycolic acid are effective in theprolonged growth promotion of ruminants. A method forcontinuous dosing of active ingredients to a ruminantis ...