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A susceptor for use in the microwave cooking of food, includes a first plastic film, a second plastic film, and a semi-liquid lossy material disposed intermediate the first and second films. The lossy material includes glycerine, sucrose ester, and chloride salt, 25 grams of the lossy material in a ...

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A fry-like microwave cooking process for producing food with a crisp exterior and a soft, tender interior includes the steps of applying an edible hydrophilic lossy susceptor to at least a portion of the surface of the food bearing a moisture-retardant edible barrier layer, and microwave cooking the ...

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In a process for preparing a coated microwaveable meat which will be juicy and tender after microwave cooking, the meat is intimately contacted with an aqueous solution having a pH of 5.0-9.0 and a cation normality ratio of Na.sup.+ /K.sup.+ /Ca.sup.++ of 2-10/1-6/1-4, the contact continuing until t ...

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The invention relates to low-glycemic alcoholic beverages comprising a low-glycemic syrup and an alcohol-containing ingredient. The low-glycemic syrup comprises a) an essence of a food, b) a low-glycemic component capable of extracting an essence from a food, and c) an extraction enhancer.