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The present invention is directed to a packaged semiconductor chip which effectively dissipates heat and has improved performance. The packaged chip has a plurality of lead frame conductors extending through the encapsulating material which are adhesively joined to the semiconductor chip, preferably ...

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A method of forming semiconductor devices wherein a continuous metallic sheet is cut under computer control into a personalized lead pattern. The pattern is then moved to a bonding station. A bonding tool actuated by computer control moves from one terminal end to another to sequentially bond termin ...

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A method and apparatus for improved percussive arc welding is disclosed. In this technique a test arc of a voltage no greater than the initiating voltage of the percussive arc welding is first applied across the pieces to be welded. The welding cycle is then performed if, and only if, an arc is dete ...

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An improved thermal management technique is disclosed for use in semiconductor device packaging utilizing ultrasonic welding to attach aluminum wires of predetermined diameter at one end directly to preselected hot spots on the device and at the other end to thermally conductive package elements.