Sidney Bertram: Automatic map compilation system. Eaton Corporation, C H Grace, September 6, 1994: US05345086 (74 worldwide citation)

An automatic map complication system, for deriving information from a pair of stereoscopic photographs by scanning portions thereof which represent homologous imagery comprising:

Sidney Bertram: Positioning control system. Bunker Ramo Corporation, F M Arbuckle, January 13, 1981: US04245297 (11 worldwide citation)

A mechanical element positioning control system. Position measuring means supply actual position and a computer supplies desired position as the least significant 11 bits of an 18 bit signal to corresponding digital to analog units, each comprising an 11 bit register and an 11 bit digital to analog ...

Rosalki Sidney Bertram: Method and reagent for the differential analysis of isoenzymes of alkaline phosphatase.. Boehringer Mannheim, January 23, 1985: EP0131606-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

Method and reagent for the differential analysis of the bone and lever isoenzyme of the alkaline phosphatase in a sample, said phosphatase being mixed and incubated with a lectine capable of binding the rests of N-acetylglucosamin. The free isoenzyme portions are separated from the portions bound to ...

SCHONTHEIL THEODORE, HASLAM SIDNEY BERTRAM: [en] A Chair and Anchor for Supporting and Anchoring Tramway Rails.. SCHONTHEIL THEODORE, HASLAM SIDNEY BERTRAM, November 2, 1909: GB190823382-A

[en] 23,382. Schontheil, T., and Haslam, S. B. Nov. 2. Chairs rails, securing to sleepers.-Tram rails are anchored by chairs a which are embedded in the concrete foundation, the rails being laid over but out of contact while the concrete is setting. After a few weeks, the ground is reopened, packing ...