Ryan Alexander Geris, Hussein Bahadur Nagji, Garry Owen Morgan, Sidi El Becaye Maiga, William Keith Baker, Jason Lance Slupeiks: Method, system and apparatus for providing notifications for different workspaces. BLACKBERRY, Perry Currier, August 30, 2016: US09432323

A method, system and apparatus for providing notifications for different workspaces is provided. The device comprises a processor, a memory, and a notification device, the processor enabled to: manage a first workspace and a second workspace distinguished from each other by one or more of: data stor ...

Jason Lance Slupeiks, Nathan Robert Webster, Sidi El Becaye Maiga: Obstructed port audio signal alteration. BlackBerry, Jon Gibbons, Fleit Gibbons Gutman Bongini & Bianco P L, May 24, 2016: US09351068

A portable electronic device has an acoustic port having an aperture in a housing having a speaker and pressure sensing transducer incorporated therein. During normal use of the portable electronic device, the aperture of the acoustic port may become obstructed during handling, holstering or surface ...

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