Siamak Fazel Pour: Single Paddle having a semiconductor device and a passive electronic component. Conexant Systems, Snell & Wilmer L, January 1, 2002: US06335564 (163 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor package and a corresponding method of forming this package are provided. The semiconductor package includes a paddle and a semiconductor device mounted on the paddle. A passive electronic component is also mounted on the paddle and spaced apart from the semiconductor device. Intercon ...

Siamak Fazel Pour: Leadframe having a paddle with an isolated area. Conexant Systems, Thomas Kayden Horstmeyer & Risley, May 7, 2002: US06384478 (34 worldwide citation)

A package is provided for surface mounting a semiconductor device to a board such that a first pad of the semiconductor device is operatively connected to a second pad on the board. The package includes a paddle having a front side and a back side with the front side being mated to the semiconductor ...

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