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An electrophotographic printing machine utilizes an improved image registration system that forms and senses image registration indicia to control a subsequent transfer of a visible image. A first transfer station transfers registration indicia, previously formed on a first photoconductive member an ...

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A flexible imaging sheet and a method of constructing a flexible imaging sheet is disclosed. The method of constructing a flexible imaging sheet comprises a step of overlapping, a step of joining, and a step of shaping. In the step of overlapping, a first marginal end region and a second marginal en ...

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A xerographic printer or digital copier has an intermediate belt for transferring images from several photoreceptive drums to sheets of paper. The intermediate belt experiences undesired stretching and shrinking which results in the size of the transferred image being distorted and the colors of the ...

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An apparatus for calibrating a sheet registering and deskewing device, comprising a plurality of sensors, located along a paper path, to sense a position of a sheet in the paper path at a first position and a second position, and to generate a signal indicative thereof, a pair of independent separat ...

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An apparatus in which an electrostatic latent image is developed with liquid toner. The apparatus has a liquid extruder that extrudes a thin film of liquid toner which is attracted to the electrostatic latent image forming a liquid image on a photoconductive surface. The extruder is electrically bia ...

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A rapid warm-up fuser roller (and fusers and marking machines that use such a fuser) comprised of a metallic cylindrical core, a thermally and electrically insulating layer of volume graft over the metallic core, a resistive heating layer over the insulating layer, and electrical connections to the ...

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A device and method for controlling sheet moisture and cooling rate for reducing curl in sheets includes the steps of providing a fuser with the fuser being heated at a predetermined temperature; providing a moisturizer; positioning the moisturizer a predetermined distance downstream of the fuser as ...

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A method of reducing condensation in an image forming apparatus wherein after the image forming apparatus is turned on and the fuser is being heated, a device is used to heat post Fuser paper path elements to reduce the possibility of condensation within the copier.

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A Liquid Immersion Development, LID, reproduction machine having a moving liquid toner image carrying surface, includes an excess carrier liquid removing apparatus. The excess carrier liquid removing apparatus includes a housing defining a chamber, and an opening through the housing into the chamber ...

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A paper conditioner to control image dependent curl in a copier/printer includes a nip formed between metering and transfer rolls with grooves positioned on end portions of both of the metering and transfer rolls. Portions of both the metering and transfer rolls are located over a sump connected to ...