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A drug formulation for producing sustained therapeutic efficacy, which releases at least one water-soluble drug over a prolonged period of time at a substantially constant rate wherein said drug formulation comprises

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A novel polysaccharide derivative, a drug carrier comprising a novel polysaccharide derivative, and a drug complex are disclosed. The polysaccharide derivative according to the present invention comprises a polysaccharide having a carboxyl group in which a peptide chain is introduced at a part or al ...

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Disclosed is a drug complex of a drug having a hydroxyl group, which is capable of controlling the rate of the release of the drug therefrom in blood, the drug complex being represented by the following formula (1):

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A pharmaceutical composition and its use in the treatment of cerebral edema are provided wherein the composition comprises an atrial natriuretic peptide having an amino acid sequence of 28 amino acids and at least one pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, diluent or excipient.

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An abrasing apparatus including an annular barrel having an upper opening. The barrel is rotated around an exciting coil and is filled with magnetic abrasive powder which is arranged by magnetic flux generated by the exciting coil to form magnetic brush. A work is embedded into the magnetic brush. T ...

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Residue of distillation, preferably under reduced pressure of oil sand bitumen is thermally treated in a liquid state at a temperature of 350.degree.-450.degree. C. by blowing thereinto an inert heating medium, preferably a superheated steam at a temperature of not lower than the temperature of the ...

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It is provided for a resin composition including (A) at least one polyamic acid having the structure represented by the following formula (1): wherein R1 is independently an alkyl group having 1 to 3 carbon atoms or a cyano group; a is independently an integer of 0 to 4; R is a tetravalent organic g ...

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It is an object of the present invention to provide a method for producing an 11-sugar sialylglycopeptide easily and with good yield and a high degree of purity on an industrial scale from defatted bird egg yolks. The present invention provides a production method of an 11-sugar sialylglycopeptide. ...

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A wearable apparatus includes a flexible display device, and a flexible housing that holds the peripheral portion of the flexible display device. The flexible display device is disposed on the uppermost surface of the apparatus to serve as a reference for defining the total length of the apparatus, ...

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A body fluid compatible and biocompatible resin for use in a medical treatment involving a contact of said resin with at least one member selected from the group consisting of a body fluid and a biological tissue, which comprises at least one substituted oxyalkylene polymer having a weight average m ...