Shira Jerry P: Integral hinged wiring raceway. Kyoda Plastics, Rogers Bereskin & Parr, January 15, 1974: US3786171 (90 worldwide citation)

A surface mounting electrical wiring raceway having a back member adapted to be mounted on a wall, and a front cover. The front cover is hingeably connected to the back member adjacent to one lateral edge thereof, and releaseably coupled to the back member adjacent to the opposite lateral edge. The ...


Miutel Alexander, Shira Jerry P: Matiere plastique alveolee resistant a la propagation du feu, Fire retardant plastics cellular material. Phoenix Foam, FETHERSTONHAUGH & CO, February 6, 1990: CA1265636 (1 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT This invention relates to a plastics material with a resin binder having a combination of fusible fillers and high temperature fillers. The fusible fillers begin melting at relatively low temperatures and retain a spreaded liquidous form over a large temperature range. The high temperature ...

Drennan Craig, Shira Jerry P: Methode de fabrication de matiere plastique alveolaire, Method of making plastics cellular material. Drennan Craig, Phoenix Foam, Shira Jerry P, FETHERSTONHAUGH & CO, February 13, 1990: CA1265895 (1 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT This invention relates to a process for production of a plastics cellular material. The process comprises mixing a first mixture of a fast-curing resin that may be cured with an organic peroxide catalyst, a co-polymerizeable monomer, finely dispersed surfactants, finely dispersed gas releas ...