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A communication node selecting unit selects a communication node where a time for transferring a failure notification message from a plurality of failure detected communication nodes which detect a plurality of failures on an active communication path to be protected is within a predetermined time, ...

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A network system comprising terminals and relaying nodes having a reservation message processing unit for transferring a packet wherein a packet receiving terminal

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In a network-device control system for controlling a network device such as a router, which is located between a communication terminal employed by a user and a server with which the terminal communicates, at a priority that has been set in advance for the user or for an application, an event notifi ...

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A transmission unit and a failure recovery method with failure recover functions, which use limited network resources efficiently. A label table manager manages a label table which associates incoming labels related to incoming transmission data with outgoing labels related to outgoing transmission ...

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A service assignment apparatus sets an appropriate service in a service-request-incompatible apparatus as a network element so as to guarantee the service in the entire network. A service-request-compatible apparatus processes a received network-service request, and provides a service. A network-inf ...

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An image processing apparatus which processes image data includes a plurality of modes of operation for processing the image data; and a first manipulating member which is manipulated during a first one of the modes of operation, wherein in the first mode of operation, a process is run which is run ...

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In a label transfer network, an ingress node positioned at an upstream side end of a partial section of a first data transfer path (old path) transmits a path modify request, and an egress node positioned at a downstream side end of the partial section returns a label allocation request on a detour ...

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A frame relay system relays a received frame having a destination address and a frame TTL indicating a term of life of the received frame. The frame relay system includes a routing table having entries, each of the entries indicating a relationship between a destination address and a control informa ...

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A recovery-path request message control block generates, sends, and receives a recovery-path request message containing failure location information and recovery-path setup information. A label assignment message control block generates, sends, and receives a label assignment message. A setup label ...