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Absorptive articles such as catamenial napkins and disposable diapers have improved properties if the fluid-absorptive material of such articles are formed at least in part of compressed cellulose-based sponge sheet obtained by comprising cellulose-based sponge.

Shinkai Shigenori: Apparatus and method for inspecting circuit board. Hioki Ee, April 16, 2009: JP2009-080061

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an apparatus for inspecting a circuit board for preliminarily informing a worker of a moving state of an inspection head.SOLUTION: The apparatus 1 for inspecting the circuit board includes: the inspection head 3 simultaneously contacting a group of boards (e.g 6 boar ...

Shinkai Shigenori: Device of inspecting circuit board. Hioki Ee, August 14, 2008: JP2008-185509

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a device of inspecting a circuit board for easily specifying a cause of inferior determination.SOLUTION: The device of inspecting the circuit board includes an inspection part (measuring part 5 and control part 9) for carrying out inspection processing for inspecting ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain the real location of the center of rotation of a substrate inspecting base more accurately by computations in the case that the rotation of the substrate inspecting base can be controlled. SOLUTION: This method comprises both a table movable in X-Y directions on which ...

Shinkai Shigenori, Ikeda Kenji, Takizawa Tsuneaki: Control method for circuit board inspection device. Hioki Ee, January 19, 2001: JP2001-013189

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To correct a 'kink' present in a table moving means to accurately position an X-Y table.SOLUTION: In advance of inspection of a circuit board D, a surface of an X-Y table 4 is sectionalized into plural blocks, while the X-Y table 4 is moved to a position of a board inspection j ...