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An acceleration orbit face of particle beam circular acceleration unit is placed at right angles to a rotation shaft of rotation unit for rotating the particle beam circular acceleration unit, beam transport unit, and irradiation field formation unit in one piece. Shields for shielding radiations an ...

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A gate-array chip includes a plurality of basic-cell arrays arranged in parallel on a semiconductor bulk and a plurality of impurity regions formed on the semiconductor bulk and in regions between the basic-cell arrays. The impurity regions and part of the basic-cell arrays are adapted to form input ...

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A ribbon guide includes a pair of upper and lower plates for limiting upper and lower ends of an ink ribbon. A ribbon guide plate is disposed between the pair of upper and lower plates so as to guide a non-transfer surface of the ink ribbon. Ribbon press bars are suspended between the pair of upper ...

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A safe, stabilized lyophilized preparation comprising parathyroid hormone (PTH) as an active ingredient and effective amounts of sugar and sodium chloride to provide a stable preparation of parathyroid hormone.

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Methods and devices for operating non-volatile storage are disclosed. One or more programming conditions depend on the location of the word line that is selected for programming, which may reduce or eliminate program disturb. The voltage applied to the gate of a select transistor of a NAND string ma ...

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Data is programmed into and read from a set of target memory cells. When reading the data, temperature compensation is provided. The temperature compensation is based on temperature information and the state of one or more neighbor memory cells. In one embodiment, when data is read from set of targe ...

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In an apparatus for carrying out PWM control of an inverter having a filter connected to the a.c. output side thereof, pulse patterns adapted for determining switching timings for canceling a specified harmonic component, e.g., the fifth order harmonic component included in a voltage on the output s ...

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A masterslice semiconductor device is provided, which reduces or eliminates unused transistors. In the basic cells of the masterslice semiconductor device, each transistor is formed as electrically independent from the others; i.e., each transistor has an individual gate electrode and has an individ ...

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Provided is a particle beam irradiation apparatus capable of highly reliable measurement of a dose of each beam and capable of highly sensitive measurement of a leakage dose caused by momentary beam emission. The particle beam irradiation apparatus according to the present invention includes: an emi ...

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A masterslice semiconductor device has two kinds of basic cells including a first one having the same size same as that of ordinary basic cells in a prior art masterslice semiconductor device and a second one having a size larger than that of the first basic cell. A number of the large-sized basic c ...