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A cardiac pacemaker improved to reduce the weight and size and to unburden the wearer of the pacemaker, while ensuring safe transmission of signals. The cardiac pacemaker includes a cardiac pacemaker main body 100 having at least two electrodes for detecting cardio-information, a control section for ...

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Disclosed is a photomask in which contrast of light intensity of a pattern to be transferred (main pattern) is enhanced on an image plane while transfer of auxiliary pattern themselves is suppressed. The photomask, which is used in exposure to which is applied four-point illumination method for inve ...

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In a halftone type phase shift photomask, a patterned halftone layer is formed on a transparent substrate, and a light screen layer is formed on the halftone layer. A part of a mask pattern is changed from opaque to halftone, thus improving the resist pattern fidelity.

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After forming a light shielding layer 2 of ruthenium in a thickness of 70 nm and a reflection preventing layer 3 of a ruthenium oxide in thickness of 30 nm, and a photosensitive resin layer, a sililated layer is formed by electron beam lithography and sililation. Etching is performed for the photose ...

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A valve timing adjuster according to the present invention, comprises a pulley rotationally connected to one of an output shaft of engine and a cam shaft, a sleeve which is supported on the pulley, which is rotatable within a predetermined angle of rotation on the pulley and which is rotationally co ...

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A digitized image data produced by reading a certain scanning line portion of a shading correction plate by an image sensor is stored in a buffer memory as digital data B. A digital comparator compares, on a pixel-by-pixel basis, the digital data B with new digital data A produced by reading another ...

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In a method of forming a pattern, a photo-mask including a desired pattern is provided. A photo-sensitive resin film is spin-coated on a semiconductor substrate. Subsequently, the surface of the photo-sensitive resin film is changed to have a resistivity against a development solution. Next, light i ...

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A photomask used for a projection exposure equipment comprises a transparent substrate and a light intercepting film provided on the transparent substrate. The transparent substrate comprises a main pattern region and an auxiliary pattern region provided in a periphery of the main pattern region. Th ...

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A housing 14 forms, together with a cover 34, an annular vortex chamber 42. An impeller 22 is provided with a disk portion 24 which is connected to a drive shaft 12 so that the impeller 22 rotates integrally with the shaft 12. The impeller 22 has an annular support portion 26 and rows of angularly-s ...

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A photomask has a plurality of main holes which pass a prescribed light beam that is shone onto positions that make up a plurality of pattern parts, at locations that are opposite a plurality of pattern parts for said semiconductor device, this photomask also having a plurality of minute auxiliary h ...