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A low load burning burner comprising inner air flow nozzles, outer air flow nozzles and a fuel gas nozzle, and further having a motive air supply means, which is operated at the low load burning of a heating furnace, can maintain the furnace temperature uniform, and can heat materials arranged in th ...

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A method of burning a fuel gas in a low NO.sub.x level in the exhaust gas is disclosed, wherein a radiant tube burner having concentrically arranged outer air flow nozzle, fuel gas nozzles arranged in a circle and inner air flow nozzle and having a particular structure is used and the fuel gas is bu ...

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A drive motor of a dental handpiece for driving a cutting tool of the handpiece is provided that is connected to the dental handpiece on its front end side and includes a cylindrical casing; a rotor unit, which is rotatably supported inside the casing and outputs a driving force; a stator unit provi ...