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A plane plate vibration device includes a plane plate, a coil portion having a first coil and a second coil, the first coil being wound on a circumference of the plane plate in parallel with the plane plate, the second coil being wound along inside of the first coil in parallel with the plane plate, ...

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A haptic panel apparatus is disclosed that enables an operator to sense movement of a touch panel through touch when an input is made. The touch panel is accommodated within a base member, and an electromagnetic drive mechanism is provided between the touch panel and the base member. When the operat ...

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A tactile presenting device includes a panel presenting a tactile sensation, and a control unit that vibrates the panel in a direction perpendicular to a surface of the panel by magnetic force, the control unit vibrating the panel at a frequency equal to or lower than 50 Hz.

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A coordinates input device includes an operation unit that receives an operation input, a vibration generator that applies a vibration to the operation unit, and a vibration control unit that controls the vibration generator to apply the vibration to the operation unit when the operation input is re ...

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An input device includes: magnets that are arranged in a flat state; coils that are arranged so as to face the magnets, and are moved in relation to the magnets; a mobile member that is connected to the coils; a first guide member that slidably guides the mobile member; a second guide member that sl ...

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The invention concerns a decorative casing fabricated by bonding a film having a polarizing characteristic to the surface of the casing body via an adhesive layer, and an object of the invention is to provide the casing with enhanced decorativeness by designing the adhesive layer so as to render var ...

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A tilt detector includes a magnet, a plurality of magnetoelectric transducers, a container, and a mounting member for mounting the magnet. The mounting member is rotatably supported within the container and the plurality of magnetoelectric transducers is mounted on the container. The tilt detector d ...

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A sensor unit includes a support body having a concave surface, a spherical body formed of a magnetic material and placed on the concave surface of the support body so as to roll freely thereon, a permanent magnet producing a magnetic field affecting the magnetic spherical body, and a magnetic senso ...

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An input device and a driving device able to be made thin and secure sufficiently large vibration amplitude are provided. The input device comprises an input panel, a current conducting element for conducting a driving current, and a magnetic field application unit for applying a magnetic field on t ...

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A touch panel includes: a first layer and a second layer that are arranged to face each other, with a predetermined gap being formed between the first layer and the second layer; a first resistance film that is formed on a surface of the first layer, the surface facing the second layer; a second res ...