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An information provision apparatus mounted in a driver's vehicle, including a vehicle approach determiner configured to execute a vehicle approach determination process to determine whether or not an opponent vehicle is likely to approach the driver's vehicle at a future time, based on driving infor ...

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A lubricating oil feeding apparatus of an internal combustion engine can adjust an amount of oil fed to each bearing and provides for a reduced number of parts for a shaft portion structure of a starter driven gear. In the engine, a balancer shaft is synchronously rotated with a crankshaft. The cran ...

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This invention is concerned with an improved system of dynamic balancing of the primary and secondary vibrations associated with combustion and inertial momentum effects, in particular, in single cylinder engines. By means of the primary and secondary balancing shafts, the invention achieves maximum ...

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A chain guide structure having, in combination, a chain cover and a chain guide member which can easily and securely be placed on the chain cover for temporary assembling, and capable of improving the efficiency of the assembling work. A chain guide structure for guiding a chain wound round a drivin ...

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An engine employing multiple valves which are mutually inclined. A valve actuating assembly includes two camshafts. Primary rocker arms are driven by the camshafts and in turn drive secondary rocker arms. The secondary rocker arms are pivotally mounted about common shafts and extend to the valves. T ...

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In an antenna apparatus, on an undersurface of a metal cover, a feeding coil module is disposed. In a casing, a printed circuit board is included. A ground conductor, a feeding pin, and a ground connection conductor are disposed on the printed circuit board. When the metal cover is mounted on the ca ...

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A headlight device (27) for motor vehicle includes a plurality of headlight units (29 and 30). At least one of those headlight units is a movable headlight unit (30) having a light distribution adjusting mechanism (83) for changing a range of illumination during a cornering of the motor vehicle.

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An X-ray diagnosis apparatus and method for creating image data, wherein a plurality of sets of reference image data is created based on projection data obtained from a plurality of imaging directions to the object after an contrast agent is injected to an object, fluoroscopic image data are created ...

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A water pump includes a pump body and a pump cover. An impeller is housed in a pump chamber defined by the pump body and pump cover. The impeller is attached to one end of a hollow pump shaft. The pump shaft is engaged with a driving section at its other end. An intermediate part of the pump shaft i ...

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A compact and low-cost antenna device in which no interference occurs even when many antenna units corresponding to various systems are mounted close together in a small area, and a wireless communication apparatus including the antenna device. An antenna device includes plural antenna units mounted ...