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A system for authentication of a digital image includes a signature generator for creating a robust digital signature for an original image based on instrument features of the image. An authentication processor extracts a set of invariant features for the original image from the digital signature, g ...


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Object-oriented methods and systems for permitting a user to locate one or more video objects from one or more video clips over an interactive network are disclosed. The system includes one or more server computers (

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A multimedia archive description scheme is provided for characterizing a multimedia archive having records and associated record descriptions. The multimedia archive description scheme provides a data structure which relates records by similarity measures. The principle data structure in the multime ...

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The present invention relates to a system for generating a description record from multimedia information including, e.g., video data. A multimedia information input interface is used to receive multimedia information. A computer processor receives the multimedia information, processes the video inf ...

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Systems and methods for describing image content establish image description records which include an object set (24), an object hierarchy (26) and entity relation graphs (28). For image content, image objects can include global objects (O0 8) and local objects (O1 2 and O2 6). The image objects are ...