Shih Chio Chang, Anita Chow, Min Wen Du: Adaptive ranking system for information retrieval. GTE Laboratories Incorporated, Lawrence E Monks, June 14, 1994: US05321833 (286 worldwide citation)

An adaptive record ranking method for full text information retrieval, which quantifies the relevance of retrieved records to query terms occurring in said record. The method utilizes a multilevel weighting technique which permits user input to affect record weighting at each level of the ranking pr ...

Min Wen Du, Shih Chio Chang: Browsing based Chinese input method. Min Wen Du, March 17, 2005: US20050057512-A1

A platform to implement a Chinese input method consists of the following components: 1. A Keypad. 2. A cascade Multi-Window, 3. A Sentence Editing Buffer. 4. An Attribute Viewing Window. 5. A Text Accumulation Window. 6. A two-level phrase set refining control window. The keypads are designed based ...

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