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A picture image recording apparatus includes an image-forming device for forming a light-shielding image on a light-transmissive sheet, an exposure device for exposing a photosensitive recording medium to light through the light-transmissive sheet to form a latent image corresponding to the light-sh ...

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In a printing device according to the present invention, a housing assembly comprises a pair of housings which are rockably supported, with their respective open end portions abutting against each other. A platen is disposed in an abutment region where the open end portions abut. A keyboard is provi ...

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An imaging device wherein a latent image is formed on a photo and pressure sensitive recording sheet by exposing a light thereon and the latent image is then developed by applying a pressure thereon. The degree of pressing is automatically and/or manually controlled so as to obtain a visible image o ...

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A suction type sheet feeding device which attracts an uppermost sheet of a sheet stack to a suction cup by a negative pressure, and transfers the attracted sheet to a predetermined position. For producing the negative pressure, a bellows or accordionlike enclosure is employed. In accordance with axi ...

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A process is disclosed for producing hydrogen of high purity from kerosene in petroleum oil. A feed of kerosene containing up to 1,000 wt.ppm of sulfur compounds is brought into contact with a nickel-containing sorbent at below 50 kg/cm.sup.2.G and at 150.degree.-350.degree. C. The resulting kerosen ...

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An ink sheet cartridge includes a cartridge body. The cartridge body has a pair of side plates, a partitioning plate, and a cover segment together defining a frame shape with an central open space. When the ink sheet cartridge is accommodated to a facsimile device, a thermal head and a platen are po ...

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A client-server type network having at least two clients which execute the same kind of operation. The server and the clients are improved in order to realize addition or reduction in the number of clients. When the client is started, the fact that the client in under operation is recorded in the da ...

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An asphalt composition comprising an epoxy resin, a maleinated asphaltic material and, if desired, a curing agent for the epoxy resin.

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An image forming device that is capable of performing transfer of paper constantly in a highly accurate manner, irrespective of types or conditions of paper. The image forming device is provided with a motion sensor in a paper transfer path thereof for detecting the surface condition of an idle roll ...

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A sheet storage case for storing therein a stack of sheets. The sheet storage case is assembled into a sheet feeding device which feeds out an uppermost sheet of the stack of sheets. The sheet storage case includes a bottom plate, a first positioning member fixedly secured to the bottom plate and a ...