Shenshen Wu: Polyurethane golf ball. Acushnet Co, Pennie & Edmonds, August 2, 1994: US05334673 (561 worldwide citation)

The golf ball is made from a composition of a polyurethane prepolymer and a slow-reacting polyamine curing agent and/or a difunctional glycol. The slow-reacting polyamine curing agents and difunctional glycols are 3,5-dimethylthio-2,4-toluenediamine; 3,5-dimethylthio-2,6-toluenediamine; N,N'-dialkyl ...

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A novel polyurea composition comprising the reaction product of an organic isocyanate and an organic amine, each having at least two functional groups is disclosed. Golf balls employing covers formed of the polyurea composition also are disclosed.

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This invention relates to methods of using cationic ionomers in golf ball cover compositions. Further, this invention relates to golf balls which have covers and cores and which incorporate urethane ionomers. The polyurethane golf ball cover has improved resiliency and initial velocity through the a ...

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A golf ball cover is produced from a composition comprising an isocyanate-functional prepolymer and a curing agent of a polyamine or glycol, and an organic compound having at least one epoxy group such as the diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A.

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A polyurethane covered golf ball is made by allowing the polyurethane cover stock material to partially cure in an open mold and subsequently molding a golf ball product. The molding is done by first molding a smooth-surfaced golf ball product in a smooth-walled fixed-pin mold and then, in a second ...

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A method and apparatus for making a golf ball of selected instruction having an encapsulated core or a non-treated core and a polyurethane cover of selected composition in which equipment is employed for aligning, centering and locating the core in relationship with the molding of the cover thereon.

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Golf equipment having improved cut and shear resistance that includes a polyurea composition, preferably saturated, formed of a polyurea prepolymer and a curing agent, wherein the polyurea prepolymer includes an isocyanate and a polyether amine, and wherein the curing agent includes a hydroxy-termin ...

Shenshen Wu: Golf ball comprising saturated polyurethanes and methods of making same. Acushnet Company, William B Lacy, January 14, 2003: US06506851 (164 worldwide citation)

A golf ball comprising a core and a cover layer wherein the cover is formed of a polyurethane composition comprising a saturated prepolymer comprising an initiated polycaprolactone and a saturated diisocyanate, and a curing agent.

Shenshen Wu: Polyurethane golf ball with improved resiliency. Acushnet Company, April 3, 2001: US06210294 (125 worldwide citation)

A golf ball comprising a center, a cover, and optionally, at least one intermediate layer disposed between the center and the cover, wherein at least one of the center, the cover, and the at least one intermediate layer is formed with a polyurethane composition comprising a reaction product of a pre ...

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The invention provides a golf ball having a cover and intermediate layers comprising in whole or in part of a saturated polyurethane. The saturated polyurethane may be blended with conventional materials employed to form golf balls, cores and intermediate layers.