Parichay Saxena
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A method of operation of a computer system for processing an arbitrary document such as a World Wide Web page to provide additional information not immediately available from the raw, unprocessed document. This additional information allows a user to navigate and control the content of the document ...



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A graphical text entry system for an electronic device is provided. The electronic device may be, for example, a portable or hand-held electronic device such as a cellular telephone, PDA, or the like. The system includes a graphical text entry screen and a graphical text entry ring displayed on the ...

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A lighting unit is provided. The lighting unit includes a light source and an optical element. The light source provides a major light beam and a minor light beam. The optical element includes a first light entering surface, a second light entering surface, a light distributing surface, a light emit ...

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A method and a device for generating a multi-views three-dimensional (3D) stereoscopic image are based on displaying positions of target image elements of each view image of a multi-views 3D stereoscopic image in a 3D stereo display. Source image elements suitable to be displayed at each displaying ...

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A method, apparatus and computer readable medium for use in photography are disclosed. A first electronic image analysis is performed on a potential image to determine whether any suitable subjects are within a frame of the potential image. If any suitable subjects are found in the frame, a second e ...

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An underwater wide-band electroacoustic transducer and a method of packaging the transducer. The underwater wide-band electroacoustic transducer comprises of several groups of piezoelectric ceramic units and acoustic window material. To produce the underwater wide-band electroacoustic transducer, gr ...


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An apparatus and a method for rendering three-dimensional stereoscopic images are provided. The apparatus comprises a multi-view processor, an object device, a depth device, and a block filling device. The multi-view processor obtains depth related data of a first pixel and a second pixel which are ...