Yurun Yang, Shen Min, Misty Huang: Moisture curable silylated polymer containing free polyols for coating, adhesive and sealant application. Momentive Performance Materials, Dominick G Vicari, April 29, 2008: US07365145 (22 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to moisture-curable silylated polymers having unreacted or “free” hydroxyl groups prior to cure with improved physical properties, lower viscosity and lower cost, suitable for preparing coatings, adhesives and sealants.



Shen Min Te: Key and digital dual control lock. Shen Min Te, February 1, 2004: TW575046 (4 worldwide citation)

Normally locks can be easily open by a key. In case that people forget to carry keys or lost, then might need locksmith to open it. Digital locks can be open without using keys. But it^s not such convenient as key locks, so they are also not so popular as key locks. This design merge digital lock fu ...

Tzu Cheng Teng, Ching Sheng Li, Ming Jung Tsai, Shen Min Lo: Rotating speed adjustment circuit and related control system for a heat dissipation fan. Anpec Electronics Corporation, Winston Hsu, Scott Margo, April 17, 2012: US08157536 (3 worldwide citation)

A rotating speed adjustment circuit for a heat dissipation fan includes a first node, a second node, a reception end for receiving a first control signal, a first resistor coupled to a voltage source and the first node, a second resistor coupled to the first node and the second node, a third resisto ...

Ming Jung Tsai, Ching Sheng Li, Shen Min Lo, Kun Min Chen: Full bridge circuit and DC motor capable of fixing output voltage and avoiding reverse current. Anpec Electronics Corporation, Winston Hsu, August 12, 2008: US07411367 (3 worldwide citation)

A full bridge circuit includes a first switch, a second switch, a third switch, a fourth switch, a first controller, a second controller, a first operational amplifier, a first multiplexer, a second operational amplifier, and a second multiplexer. The first controller includes a first output coupled ...


Shen Min Liang, Ioannis Manousakas, Yong Ren Pu, Fan Ming Yu, Chien Chen Chang, Chin Hsing Chen: Automatic stone-tracking system. Rosenberg Klein & Lee, September 13, 2005: US06942617 (1 worldwide citation)

A tracking system for stone treatment by extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy includes a data processing unit, a motion controller, a servo-moving platform, a stone image-processing module, a stone localization module, and a moving-mechanism control module. With the use of the stone-tracking system ...

Kun Min Chen, Shen Min Lo, Ching Sheng Li, Chen Yu Yuan: Driving circuit to avoid reverse current for soft switching DC motor. Anpec Electronics Corporation, Winston Hsu, December 1, 2009: US07626452 (1 worldwide citation)

A driving circuit includes a power supply, an input capacitor, a Hall sensor, a first amplifier, a second amplifier, a full-bridge driver circuit, and a first operational amplifier. The input capacitor is coupled to the power supply. The input end of the first amplifier and the second amplifier is c ...

Kun Min Chen, Ching Sheng Li, Shiue Shr Jiang, Shen Min Lo, Ming Jung Tsai: Driving circuit for switching DC power. Anpec Electronics Corporation, Winston Hsu, May 5, 2009: US07529109 (1 worldwide citation)

A driving circuit for switching DC power includes a DC power generator, a bridge circuit, a control signal generator, and a clamping module. The bridge circuit includes a plurality of legs each including an up-bridge switch and a down-bridge switch. The clamping circuit is coupled to each up-bridge ...

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