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Preforms used in blow molding plastic containers are sequentially affixed at spaced locations along a disposable web. As the preforms are affixed to the web, the composite is wound on a suitable storage reel which is housed in an enclosed shipping and storage container. Thereafter, the belted prefor ...

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An apparatus for blow molding articles by preinflating a tubular parison prior to final expansion within the blow mold. The apparatus includes a clamping assembly for sealing a leading end of the extruding parison, and a specially configured mandrel tip which is axially movable against a shoulder in ...

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A method of delivering a pesticidal material to a plant which comprises applying to the plant, or to the environment adjacent the plant, a microorganism capable of exhibiting a chemotactic response to a plant metabolite, whereby movement of said microorganism towards the plant as a result of chemota ...