Jaime Braverman
Eugenio Go Varona, Monica Lynn Bontrager, Jaime Braverman, Kuo Shu Edward Chang, Michael Allen Daley, Karen Lynn English, Arthur Edward Garavaglia, Hristo Angelov Hristov, Nancy Donaldson Kollin, Tamara Lee Mace, David Michael Matela, Sharon Rymer, Reginald Smith, Roland Columbus Smith Jr, Michael Donald Sperl: Creped materials. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, James B Robinson, January 4, 2005: US06838154 (16 worldwide citation)

There is provided a resilient, three dimensional material having fibrous texture and appearance and capable of fluid handling. It consists of a top surface and a bottom surface wherein fiber-like elements typically extend from one surface to the other forming flat to undulating surfaces characterize ...

James Hongxue Wang, Russell Paul George, Debra Jean McDowall, Kusum Gosain, Sharon Rymer, TaraLea Bastian: Absorbent articles having a heterogeneous absorbent core for fecal fluid and urine containment. Maxwell J Petersen, Pauley Petersen Kinne & Erickson, December 16, 2004: US20040254555-A1

A heterogeneous absorbent core for use in absorbent articles includes a first zone optimized for absorbency of urine and a second zone optimized for absorbency of fecal fluids. The first zone is closer to the front of the core in the article, and includes a first superabsorbent material having a sal ...