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A temperature controlled chamber for an analytical instrument which includes a circular conveyor for transporting assay cartridges, the chamber enclosing the outer peripheral part of the conveyor on which the assay cartridges reside. The temperature controlled chamber has a bottom wall of polymeric ...

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The present invention relates to a novel antiozonant as well as antioxidant based on functionalized hindered phenol and the process for the preparation thereof of formula 1

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A method is described for reducing self-induced far end crosstalk (self-FEXT) in a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) digital subscriber line (xDSL) system. An initial value for an off-diagonal multiple input multiple output canceller (ODMC) is derived while the ODMC is inactive and while in data ...

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An integrated desktop analytic device comprises a fluidics station coupled to a confocal microscope detector, and a biochip is moved from the fluidics station to the detector without manual intervention of an operator.

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A socket device (10) for securing an end of a load bearing member (22) includes first socket members (26a and 26b) and second socket members (28a and 28b) that are distinct, separate pieces of material. The second socket members (28a and 28b) are spaced apart from each other at a desired angle and r ...

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