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The instruments of a pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) device are included in a drill collar for evaluating earth formations. The resulting tool makes NMR measurements while the formation is being drilled.

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Borehole NMR logging apparatus and methods, and methods for the interpretation thereof. A logging tool is provided which produces a strong, static and homogeneous magnetic field B0 in a Volume of an adjacent formation on one side of the tool to measure nuclear magnetic resonance characteristics ther ...

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A wellbore tool for obtaining data from a subsurface formation includes an antenna 538 and a RF power amplifier 540 coupled to the antenna for providing RF power to a remote sensing unit 524. The wellbore tool may be a cased hole wireline tool, an open hole tool and may further include a drill colla ...

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An NMR pulse sequence for use in a borehole logging tool includes a series of CPMG pulses according to: where j is the index of CPMG echoes gathered, Tr is wait time, tcp is the Carr-Purcell spacing. This pulse sequence is used to determine Bound Fluid Volume (BFV) which is subtracted from total por ...

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A magnetic resonance measurement apparatus that is subject to relative motion between the apparatus and a specimen (e.g. an earth formation) along a path includes a plurality of spatially distributed receive antennae 52 along the path, and a magnet 54 which polarises the specimen. Because of the spa ...

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The disclosure invention is directed to a nuclear magnetic resonance measurement apparatus that can be utilized in a logging device which operates generally centrally in a borehole, and has a generally circumferential region of investigation, but which permits usage of relatively powerful permanent ...

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A logging tool for use in determining the resistivity of an underground formation surrounding a cased borehole 22 includes a body 20 having first and second parts separated by an intermediate region, wherein: a) the first body part includes a first current source having spaced electrodes A1, B1 arra ...

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An apparatus and a method for controlling oilfield production to improve efficiency includes a remote sensing unit that is placed within a subsurface formation, an antenna structure for communicating with the remote sensing unit, a casing joint having nonconductive "windows" for allowing a internall ...

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An NMR logging method reveals the volume of hydrocarbons in an earth formation. The difference in viscosity between gas, oil, and water is used to distinguish these fluids. During logging, a parameter of an NMR pulse sequence, such as gradient field pulse amplitude g or width, is altered, causing ec ...

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An NMR bore logging tool which is designed for measurement while drilling and which rotates with the drill bit. The probe produces static and RF magnetic fields which are rotationally invariant. The RF receiving antenna comprises at least one arcuate segment 210 for receiving signals from different ...