Seymour L Schwartz: Modular green house construction. Airflow Aluminum Awning Company, Jessup & Beecher, November 15, 1977: US04057941 (40 worldwide citation)

A modular greenhouse construction in which panels are prefabricated from a universal beam or mullion and the panels are interlocked to form walls and a roof. The universal beam has a spline receiving groove in one surface and a ribbed channel in the surface opposite with C-shaped slots on either sid ...

Seymour L Schwartz: Foam panel roof mounting system. Airflo Aluminum Awning Company, David O Reilly, October 22, 1991: US05058333 (25 worldwide citation)

A foam roofing system in which a unique universal beam allows adjacent foam roofing sections to be joined and substantially eliminates water leaks. The universal beam is formed with a design that creates a series of water dispersing channels on either side of a center web and a third concave channel ...

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